Welcome to my world.  As an artist, I create images with the medium of photography. There are many types of photographic processes represented here, including digital fabrications in Photoshop. This site archives work produced over the past fifty years. The images are organized in an outline of categories with links to help you navigate around intuitively. It is a network which will take each visitor to a different place with each visit. Just jump in and wander. Wherever your curiosity takes you, I trust, it will be an interesting journey. 

My images contain their own reality and do not need to conform or be governed by the laws of the everyday universe we live in.

- John Bonath

My camera and computer are a stage for the performance of ideas.

- John Bonath

It is through the creative process of manifesting these dreams as image that I understand better who I am.

- John Bonath

Nothing in my work is coincidental. It is a grounded, guided experience between what we know, what we don’t know and the closure we strive to acquire between.

- John Bonath

The assumption that photographic images represent something “true” is unique to photography and can be used to many ends.

- John Bonath

My images are examples of possibility within the realm of the impossible.

- John Bonath

Stories from the Hood

An entertaining and addictive blog series rooted in the history of North Denver about life and art.

Interview on CPR

Interview with John Bonath about his exhibition “A Strange Beauty” at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.


Dive deep into decades of John’s work- from portraits to still life to fantastical digital fabrications.

Featured Galleries

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Homeless in Denver


A Strange Beauty

Botanical Studies


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