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As an artist, I do not simply try to please the eye but to activate the imagination to ponder, wonder, emote, relate and somehow cause a personal interpretation to take place.  Synapse Tapestry is a psychological study in red.  The rose-madder root used to dye this hand-spun yarn from Iran is a very blood-like color from antiquity that is used in rug-making.  The identification of the yarn is but a place to grab onto and jump off from.  The various images in this body of work evoke gestalt associations with many things.  My imagination takes me to a place inside the body, or underwater, where synapse-like energy is transmitted through the organism.  It is a visual journey into my own subconscious psyche touching on the nature of physical mortality; a place that others are invited to journey into and have their own interpretations. 

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A limited run of signed and numbered screen prints on archival paper are available for purchase. Prints are $400 plus $15 shipping and packing.

Purchase Handspun Yarn Screenprint

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The Synapse Tapestry Triptych was chosen for the SHARED VISIONS award.  Read about the SHARED VISIONS project and listen to the SHARED VISIONS III performance from April 2019, a collaborative arts project between The Ars Nova Singers, Paul Fowler (composer), Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer (Poet) and John Bonath (visual artist).

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