Archival Prints

There are a variety of prints, canvases and multi-media works available for purchase by direct inquiry.

Prices in general will range from $500 to $1,200 for unframed prints and $1,500 to $7,500 for large hand-worked canvases which may include frames.

Most images are available as limited edition archival pigment ink prints on Hanamule etching paper. Editions are numbered in limited editions of ten.

If available, silver prints are generally $900 each and drawings $1,000 each.

For works where digital options are available, image sizes range from 11”x14” to 40”x60”.

Hand-worked canvas pieces can be commissioned at smaller sizes but generally range from 40”x40” to 40”x60” with some sectional-panels as large as 42”x15’.

Some images are available as silver prints, some hand-pulled silkscreens and non-silver processes including wax encaustic and works with sculptural aspects. Some works are layered in plexiglass. Canvas works are first printed with archival pigment inks, then hand-worked with oil paint, 3-D gel builds and can include iridescent effects, glitter and even sand.

It is best to inquire directly as options for a particular image can vary (and some works are no longer available).

Special Edition Screenprint

Richly printed and designed for this beautiful process with special digital grain effects and 7-layered color builds. Signed and numbered, Archival Limited Edition of only 12 prints on Stonehenge etching paper.  17.5”x36” image on 24”x40” paper.  Prints are $800 plus $15 shipping and packing. 

Print Purchase Inquiry