Photo Silkscreen (serigraphy)


Photosilkscreen is also known as photo-serigraphy.  It is part photography and part printmaking.  First an image is separated into different values on separate sheets of high contrast film.  The films are the size of the final print and each represent a different color.  One common technique for this is called “posterization”.  The silkscreens are coated with a light sensitive emulsion and the film is contacted to the screen.  Light is then passed through the film and hardness the screen emulsion where it passes through.  The emulsion that is not hardened is then washed out and the screen is ready to use for printing.  The different screens are printed on paper to register with each other.

Due to the cost of paper and the labor of printing, I usually print in editions of 10 although sometimes, I will print only one print for various images.

Displacement Suite of Silkscreens - Graduate Thesis

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