I am using my own blog to show you these because I can’t set this up in the RMR blog but I can in my own blogs so just to show you, it is coming out of my website. I can’t get them to go any faster with this particular slide show program but you should be able to get the idea.

Here are two slide show groups.  Most of the previous random slide shows had a lot of action all over and were like a full page flip book.  These two ideas approach it a little differently and came to me out of the last shoots at the shop.  The first one is an image where most of the image stays the same and a little part of it moves in time. I like this idea as a moving approach to an image. I probably have enough of this scenario to add a couple more to it.

Something like this, where the whole page is spools of yarn and in one corner some hands are winding it (in the gallery you can see Angel winding some spools of yarn and that action in the upper corner of a page filled with yarn would be a nice single image that moves for say, the homepage of the ATC site…

The best way to actually do both of these is to know what I am shooting ahead of time, get it set up and shoot it with a tripod vs. hand-holding the camera.  Then all the non-moving parts line up perfectly and do not shift or move in a sequence.

In this one, I liked the way the top part of this machine moved across while the rest stayed the same.  I think this could be interesting with the top going back and forth and a rug going through and maybe at the same time, a worker with a washer or hose, just walking across the frame as he cleans.

Here are some other images, besides the one we already are doing, that might be interesting card images to consider.

Here are some images that are light and might be used for the new homepage slide show.  There are many more images in the new RMR gallery to go through for this as well.

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